Odor Control

Ridding the air you breathe of odd smells can make the difference between delightful and atrocious.

  • -50%

    Activated Carbon – Odor Control Pads – 3 Pack

    Sold in packages of 3. Filter Not Included.

    $69.99 $34.99
  • Ultra Odor Kill Solid

    4 PACK – A scientific break-through in clean air methodology with a light fresh scent. It sponges up unwanted air contaminants.

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    Roxy Odor Neutralizer

    The best part is that this product is renewable – so you can use it again and again. Every month or so, simply place the product in the sun for a day, and it recharges itself by releasing the absorbed odors and moisture back into the air.

    $25.95 $12.95