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Kool-Wrap AC Condenser Filter - 4 Sided

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Kool-Wrap AC Condenser Filter - 4 Sided


Customer Testimonial

"I cleaned my condenser coils and then installed the filter. It fit perfectly. I'm very impressed with the quality of materials, design & workmanship. Great job! Thank you." - John S.

A dirty A/C unit reduces air flow, impairs heat exchange and causes the compressor to needlessly run. This costs the homeowner money due to higher operating costs and shorter equipment life. This wrap around air conditioner filter protects the A/C unit condenser coils from dirt, dust and other debris. The Kool-Wrap helps keep the A/C unit clean to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. Other benefits include:

  • Custom-sized To Your A/C Unit
  • Low Resistance To Airflow
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Cleaning Is Simple
  • UV Protected Electrostatic Material

Cleaning Instructions

To clean, simply remove the filter from the air conditioner unit and rinse with water opposite the direction of air flow. Allow to dry and place the filter back on the unit.

Installation & Maintenance Tips

  • Before installing the Kool-Wrap filter, thoroughly clean and dry the A/C unit. Failing to clean the unit before installing the Kool-Wrap will have a significant negative impact on filter performance.
  • We recommend that the Kool-Wrap filter be removed and cleaned every 30 days.
  • When cleaning the Kool-Wrap filter, flush with water in the opposite direction of airflow for best results.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: The Kool- Wrap filter is manufactured to withstand the outdoor elements and is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the A/C unit on which it was originally installed.

How To Measure

4 Sided Unit

  1. Measure the height of the unit (Figure 1).
  2. Beginning at one corner, measure the entire circumference of the unit, ending at the same point in which you started (Figure 2).

    kool wrap

2 or 3 Sided Unit

  1. Measure the height of the unit (Figure 3).
  2. Beginning at one end of the vents, measure horizontally to the other end of the vents (Figure 4).
  3. Be sure to add 2 inches on each side of the horizontal measurement to allow room for the filter to attach to the unit.

    kool wrap

How To Install

4 Sided Unit

  • Wrap the filter around the unit (Fig 1) and secure with the three velcro straps (Fig 2).

    kool wrap

2 or 3 Sided Unit

  1. Remove the plastic backing from the velcro pieces on one end of the filter (Figure 3).
  2. Attach that end of the filter to the A/C unit and wrap it around to the other side.
  3. Remove the plastic backing from the velcro pieces on other end of the filter, pull tight, and attach to the A/C unit (Fig 4).

    kool wrap